Prime minister is dating ep 15 eng sub

He wonders why she picked this place for dinner since they rarely go out. They got married before she got flowers, got to hold hands on a date with him, got to see him looking sad when sending her off. Yul looks sad about this and wants to do all of that in the future. Slowly he will do each and every thing she wants with her since they have a lot of time ahead of them. What if they are to be separated?

Yul and Da Jung walk home and she asks him the hypothetical about what he will do if they are to be parted tomorrow? Will he need to break all the clocks in the world to make it happen then? Oh my heart hurts.

Yul walks off and Da Jung stands in place brooding so he turns back and calls her name. Plus they have to return in the end anyways, right?


Yul tells her to stay put and this time he will walk towards her, one step at a time. Yul walks towards her until he is standing right before her. He holds out his hand to her and Da Jung puts her hand in his. Yul closes his hand over hers and strokes her hand with his thumb tenderly.

Hye Joo asks if Joon Ki heard the rumor that there is a proposal circulating to remove the Prime Minister? The secretary comes in and hands Joon Ki a file which he puts in his desk and Hye Joo notices. Hye Joo yells at him for not keeping Na Young being alive just between the two of them. In Ho reveals that Da Jung wants to return her position to Na Young and there is also even worse news which is the police called him to say they are re-investigating the car accident at the request of Park Joon Ki.

The lights turns on as Joon Ki walks in holding the file from earlier. He hands her the file and tells her to read it. Hye Joo tries to explain herself but then reads the file which is the proposal to remove the Prime Minister. Hye Joo finally blurts out that Na Young is alive. Joon Ki is dumbstruck by the shocking reveal. The kids are fine and asking when haraboji will visit again. Dad only saw them a few times but misses them a lot and they remind dad of when Da Jung was a child.

They are just like Da Jung when she was small, without a mother but still trying hard to be happy. Dad tells Da Jung to treat the kids well and she promises to do that. She plans to give them a really great present soon. Yul agrees to take her out and goes to get Man Se. He asks her a final time if she must do this?

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Da Jung says yes, she has to see Na Young. Da Jung walks into the park and finds Na Young waiting for her.

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Kwon Yul sit down to have a heart-to-heart. Da Jung wants to see her for the exact opposite reason. But she knows that is wrong because if Na Young is alive then Da Jung cannot stay. Na Young is the kids mother and needs to return to her place in that family. Da Jung tells Na Young that the kids really miss their mother. For this reason alone Na Young needs to return to her place. Da Jung leaves Na Young there to think over what she said. In Ho waits for Da Jung to come back and confirms that the talk went well. Da Jung smiles and says of course and she feels much better.

Na Young sits alone on the park bench and cries as well as she thinks back to what Da Jung asked of her. In Ho asks Da Jung what she plans to do next? In Ho knows that this situation is something that Yul and the kids need to deal with. In Ho offers to drive Da Jung home but she declines and walks off.

Na Young goes back to the church shelter she is living and Joon Ki pulls up outside with Hye Joo in tow.

Prime minister is dating ep 15 eng sub

He gets out of the car and goes to tearfully confirm that Na Young is still alive. He asks how she could be alive and not tell him. She keeps apologizing to her oppa and admitting that she was wrong.

Da Jung is buying a watch at a store for Yul and thinks back to him wishing he could stop time. Da Jung stops him and hands him the present of the watch she bought for him. Despite him saying he wants to stop time if they are to be parted, she wants his time to never stop and always continue forward.

Da Jung says its a joke and then puts the watch on his wrist. Da Jung asks Yul if the truth is something that always need to be revealed? Da Jung thinks the truth is supposed to bring happiness but what if it brings pain? Yul would still choose to know the truth. Yul also pulls up outside and walks in. Da Jung story goes like this — there was a woman whose lover died in battle and after time passed the woman fell in love again with another man, but one day the man she thought was died came back. Da Jung imagines Yul walking up to her but in truth she is walking alone through campus as does he.

Yul walks into the music hall auditorium and wonders why Da Jung wants to meet him here? Yul enters the darkened auditorium and sees a woman sitting there. Both are shocked to see the other person there. Tell me about it. Na Young speaks first and reveals she is here not to see Yul but because Da Jung wanted to see her again.


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She quickly runs out of the auditorium past a dazed Yul who says nothing. Joon Ki sits in his office brooding as his entire axis has just been rearranged with Na Young being alive. Joon Ki says it must be halted for now and runs out to stop it. She says goodbye to Yul and picks up the ring again. The kids ask her not to stay for too long like last time.

Da Jung tells the kids to be well while she is away. She asks Woo Ri to take care of his siblings and he asks her to come back soon. Da Jung leaves and the kids can sense something is off about her. Da Jung walks out of the mansion and tries not to cry. Yul sits alone in the dark auditorium trying to process the shock of Na Young being alive. He gets a call from Woo Ri who felt like Da Jung was really weird when she left to go see her dad. He asks if Yul knew Da Jung was going to see her dad?