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No one at AARP knows anything about this inept program or website. My photos were nice. My profile was interesting and I am a good catch. Nobody "viewed" me or responded to my messages in 3 days. I deleted my account and asked for a refund. One would think that this dating site would encompass many upscale, outstanding, AARP members looking for the opportunity to meet others for dating, companionship, possible relationships, even marriage or re-marriage.

I am glad I read the reviews before submitting a membership. I wasn't impressed with the preview of available matches, going through the sign-up process, so that raised the flag. This was the last attempt at internet dating for me. I will remain off-line. I have only been part of this AARP sanctioned dating site for a month or so but it is without a doubt the worst and most customer-unfriendly and expensive online service anyone could imagine, as these many previous reviews suggest.

Shame on AARP for being part of this: If anyone has an idea of how to get AARP or "How about we " to pay attention to our very real concerns, I'd be happy to help in the effort. This is a serious waste of money. The format provides little information of value to get a good overall profile. Most possible matches are in not so nearby metro areas. Also the site is so poorly designed that it locks up and won't respond quite frequently. I was very happily married now widowed to a match on a different dating site but chose this because of the age group and I foolishly trusted the AARP brand.

I am well aware of what it takes to make online dating services work and this one is feeble at best.

Seniors Flirt With AARP's Online Dating Service : NPR

This is the worst dating site I have ever joined. I have had a number of people interested. Every one of them was a scam artist. I guess they think that "old" people are stupid.

Stay away from this site! I registered all the information required.

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A couple of them looked interesting again I followed the next step. But in order to proceed I would have to pay for a "subscription". This was supposed to be a free for seven day opportunity. At this point all of the information about the "matches" disappeared. Then I read the reviews on this site--Lesson learned: I doubt they bother checking how old the most recent posting was, so suddenly there's a flurry of new activity when a discussion's been over for a long time. There are dating sites that are businesses solely for that purpose and AARP's mission is not to become that.

We are here to help members connect with one another on like subject matters and we can tell you that many have made lifelong friends here online. We hope that you are also interested in finding others to discuss a wide array of topics and that you will find friends that are interested in discussing similar subject matter. Honestly, my interest in any of the dating websites is almost non-existent at this point.

It's hard enough to trust people you meet in person let alone those hiding behind an online "persona". I posted the original query quite some time ago and am quite surprised to all of a sudden have a flurry of responses.

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As for me, I'm not interested in going down the online path at this time. Thanks for the education on why AARP does not have a dating website. The information certainly explains the reasoning behind why there isn't a dating website associated with AARP. AARP members expected participants to be "checked out", so it would be safe.. AARP is asking dating sites to use algorithms to detect suspicious language patterns used by scammers, search for fake profiles and educate members on how to avoid romance scammers.

Maybe most significant, it is asking dating sites to be more proactive, issuing alerts to members who have been in contact with someone using a fraudulent profile.

AARP Urges Online Dating Sites to Filter Out Scams - YCN News 6.10.15

Neither company returned a request for comment Monday.