I gave him a heads-up that I was still living with my ex, and he was okay with that.

  1. Married at First Sight has to be the most extreme Australian dating show.
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We met outside College station. Judging by his receding hairline and forehead wrinkles, I guessed he was in his mid-forties.

Marriage, #MeToo and dating in the dark ages

At this point, I think he sensed that I was nervous. He tried to break the tension by suggesting we go get drinks at a nearby pub. We were strolling south along Yonge Street, and suddenly, before I had time to react, he swallowed my face whole, slobbering all over me in an attempt at a kiss.

I think he was trying to be spontaneously romantic, but there was no build-up to the moment. I had to ask him to stop.

But he was still determined to check out that Thai place. He was pleading with me to go. So we went, turning around and walking north back toward the restaurant.

Marriage, #MeToo and dating in the dark ages

I ordered a few coconut shrimp skewers. As we sat down, his phone started ringing. It was a professionally shot family photo. And then, the logical follow-up question: I was definitely not okay with being on a date with a married guy who was lying to his spouse. Another blissful triumph was Chains of Love , a winning format in which potential suitors were actually chained to one another. Because that's a really, really gimmicky title. And chaining people together makes perfect sense, in TV development meetings, if not in real life.

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Then there was Please Marry My Boy , in which mother's pleaded a case for men who weren't articulate enough to do it themselves, Farmer Wants A Wife pretty self-explanatory , Four Weddings , in which brides rated each other's weddings, and Playing It Straight , in which desperate women chased men around a ranch trying to weed out the gay ones and jump on whatever was left. Perhaps Australia's finest hour in the dating TV genre was the intriguingly titled Dating in the Dark , in which singles interacted in a pitch black room, a sort of porn meets braille concept which managed to be both compelling and appalling, usually at the same time.

Are Dark-Skinned Sisters Dateable? How Colorism Affects Dating and Marriage

What is certain is that none of those shows managed to etch their names into the ratings history books. For audiences, that's a mixed blessing. Our solitary consolation is that Australia's commercial TV networks are not bound by truth-in-titling legislation. If they were, Australia's Naughtiest Home Videos might be remembered for very different reasons indeed.

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Married at First Sight has to be the most extreme Australian dating show. The Sydney Morning Herald. Ask any girl and she will tell you there is an appalling shortage of good men.

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