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Readers of This Book Also Read. Log-in to write a review or add a video review. Andrea Merchak on Aug. I love The Boss series, specially Neil and Sophie characters. Isla Sinclair on July 31, Tez Miller on Dec. Since I haven't read the novels yet, this free short story set after The Boss and The Girlfriend is my introduction to the "Boss-verse". That seems fair, but it does mean the inclusion of tropes that piss me off: Both parties in a couple are never truly happy without the other, the most insecure in the relationship is the most loved, etc.

Maybe because of the groupings, but also the lack of conflict. Condoms and lube are both common in the romances I've read - as they should be - but The Hook-Up also features condom-oral, dental dams, and latex gloves which I've never read in fiction unless a sex worker is involved. Sure, Neil and Sophie probably go unprotected because One True Love, but this is the story's unspoken nod that infections do exist in Fictionland after all. There was a problem filtering reviews right now.

Please try again later. Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. Did I read the same book as the five star reviewers?? Recycled drivel with no real plot. Older stuff sooooo much better with real people with real plots. Frankly could not care less about these two characters. Boring plus our heroines are beginning to talk like 18 yr. Unsafe sex within 4 hours after getting drunk with someone you just met?

The Hook Up (Game On, #1) by Kristen Callihan

Does KA read the headlines of what's been happening to women out there in the real world??????. The crazy ex boyfriend who broke into her house? We never hear from him. The ex girlfriend who skipped town and left our hero heartbroken?

Reward Yourself

We hear about her and are told about the confrontation but we don't get to experience it. Heck, even bringing the deadbeat dad into the story would of done something for it but no we get nothing. Just two people who fall in love and face zero true obstacles. Even the kidnapping was a couple pages and solved with no real trouble. Oh place a phone call and have your brother return the baby please. If you like almost insta love stories with no conflict this book is for you. She is finally writing like the old K. A book I said I was done and I should have remained that way.

This book was even worse than the last one. Is that even possible? Did Kristen stop writing? Does someone else do it for her?

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So, this book is a Hookup. In case you forget that no worries, the author will remind you over and over. This book stars Johnny Gamble 54 times you will read the name Johnny Gamble and the rest just Johnny.

The hookup kristen callihan free online

Johnny Gamble lives in a place with a waterwheel, you will never forget this either since it is mentioned over a dozen times. The author tries to set up various conflicts and bad guys and ultimately fails very badly in K. The writing is horrible, even without the grammar issues. The characters are meh and then don't forget here's His name is used so much you likely like me will forget the female lead. There isn't much to her or memorable about her.

She is very similar to the female character in the last book I read. Then insert you grunting, the inability to use a full sentence and on and on and on. Deanna's name is said so much I remember that. Then add the German term of endearment and puke a little. I was once a big K. Now I hope to never see another book from her. You know how there are some great character actors?

There are some authors out there that have that same ability with books. She used to be one of them. If a half star was an option, I would have gone that way. I never thought I would write this about a KA book, but what was the purpose of writing the book--other than fulfilling a contract. The Hookup just sort of meanders through pages with gushy, overly sweet words.

The plot is incredibly thin, with almost no drama. KA, where is your spirit? H and h are both so gorgeous; both so full of love and sweetness that they are not only unbelievable, but boring. Still it was a KA book and was a little better than complete junk. I just wish she would get her old creativity back and write real drama with realistic characters. I'm in the minority here, but I thought it was meh. Starting with the authors writing style.

It's very choppy and distracting to read.

Master P - I Got the Hook Up

Too much description about stuff that doesn't matter. It felt very passive. Switching from 1st to 3rd person is so annoying to me. The dialog was the best part, but even that was confusing to read at times.

See a Problem?

Sometimes the dialog dragged as well. The sex scenes were pretty hot, but really, that's it. I thought Jonhny was a jerk. I did not find him endearing or charming at all. He was sorta misogynistic. He kept telling Izzy "I'm that kinda guy" with things like her lifting heavy stuff. Or taking care of her own horses. It got so annoying to me because she was doing it just fine without him there. Why did he deem her incapable once he got into the picture? Women are always seen as weak.


The Hook-Up

Yet this guy, and many others, have their masculinity threatened just from looking at pink stuff? He was also so flipping obsessed with money.

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