You should try and find a girlfriend in college who is closer in age to you. I understand that sex is a part of relationships nowadays - and in young relationships, it is a major part. But you can't legally have sex with your current girlfriend because she is below the age of consent.

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I have known people in your situation who still try and make it work, regardless of what other people tell them and what the age difference is. Each and every time, the end result s almost the same. Somewhere down the road, they break up and the girl tells her parents and the police the ex-boyfriend raped her The truth is that the breakup was just very bad and very messy and the girl is trying to get even with the guy. Don't put yourself in a position where this could happen to you, and don't think that it couldn't happen to you.

Trust me; it does. I know a fair number of young guys serving time in prison right now for things like that and it's not a good situation to be in. I'm with a guy whose 3 years older than me We and all my friends think it's pretty normal. While your gonna be in a huge college she's going to be in highschool learning about algerbric expressions -. Related Questions Junior Dating Freshman?

Is it weird for a college freshman to date a 16 year old? Is it normal for a college sophomore guy to like a senior girl in high school? Going to be a Freshman Wanna answer some High School questions for me? Answer Questions Is this normal for a friends with benefits? Why did my girlfriend cry? Also be careful of any extra "activities" you might do. Know what's allowed and what's not so you don't get into trouble now or later on.

If things go bad, you can get charges over the smallest things without realizing it if you aren't careful.

Is a college freshman dating a high school sophomore normal? | Yahoo Answers

But bottom line is don't worry about a year's difference. If you really like her just enjoy the relationship. You'll be experiencing very different things college vs high school but you should still be able to relate to eachother at this point. I guess I thought I read that the girl is the younger and you're the older guy, but now that I look again you never said. If that's not the case just ignore that assumption. The basic message still applies.

I have to be honest with you, I think the entire 'kids make mistakes' thing isn't helping. This entire debate not the one we're having but about this issue in general takes it as a given that it is improper, immoral and wrong to do these kinds of things.

Freshman and Sophomore High School Experience/Advice!

I'm 28 years old, and I exchange nude pics back and forth sometimes. It's not a mistake.

We want to do it. It's fun, hilarious and sometimes turns us on. Maybe these youngsters just want to actually do this stuff.

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Just because it's a relatively new thing, doesn't mean it's wrong or improper. That's what people used to say about casual sex. And before that about sex with anyone other than your loved one. And before that about sex before marriage. And before that about sex for pleasure instead of reproductive reasons.

College Freshman and High School Sophomore?

I think people need to get off their high horse and stop assuming their way is gold and any other is immoral or wrong. At the very least they should stop telling people what to do. Alright, I think this has gotten plenty of responses especially considering this is from a user who just signed up to the site and disappeared after starting the topic. In short, ethically this is subjective, and legally you should contact an attorney and ask them whether there could potentially be any criminal implications associated with dating an underage girl in your state or country.

Please Log In to post. This topic is locked from further discussion. Amazon-Alpha Follow Forum Posts: If they knew each other before, do you think it would be strange?

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No, but if the relationship is long distance I doubt it will survive the first semester. Nope, not in any way.

Is a college freshman dating a high school sophomore normal?

With the info presented here, no. PenguinDust Follow Forum Posts: StarvingGamer Follow Forum Posts: Kidavenger Follow Forum Posts: MonkeyKing Follow Forum Posts: AlisterCat Follow Forum Posts: I dated an 18 year old at That seems perfectly normal. Divide by two and then add seven. Zevvion Follow Forum Posts: Cubidog1 Follow Forum Posts: ClairvoyantVibrations Follow Forum Posts: Nach0Sanchez Follow Forum Posts: I work in a K school district and the police get involved every time kids get frisky. FrostyRyan Follow Forum Posts: