I refer you to the paraphrased Dark Knight quote in the thread title. Bad luck simply cannot dog a tank to this extent. Nor do I blame my own play-style, which is the result of hours of research and fact-finding on how to play this tank. My despair is such that I'm convinced that here must be a parameter in the matchmaker which places this tank or a player with a good overall win rate in teams which have a low percentage of winning.

What I hope will change things: StClement 2 Posted 18 May - You missed a couple- the random shot dispersal within the aiming circle, making long range shooting difficult and hitting weak spots at medium range erratic. And the pathetic damage you deal even if you do get a damage roll. I've had light tanks 'steal' an afk kill from me before: This is a model I never, ever resent someone finishing off 'my' kills in- the possibility of a mortally wounded tank killing me before I can finish the job is far too real.

Oh the good old Centurion I, those were the days Honestly, it does get better, just keep at it. I had enemy tanks rushing out of cover to charge at me, and take a crap load of flack from my team, just tank after tank suiciding.

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So I guess that enplanes that. When I got past that painful stock grind, I found that the top gun was not fast enough firing and had too low a DPM, it really does pay for that great penetration an awful lot.

I was underwhelmed by its accuracy, shells often just skimming over the top of my target, or just hitting the lower track rollers. Its no long range sniper, too many 0 damage penetrations i guess it loses a lot of penetration at long range compared to higher cal guns , more a medium range gun.

The fire rate of the 20 pdr is almost doubled, the type B barrel is actually good for long range sniping, but the is by fare better as a long range sniper, as it punches through most things at range and the shell is much faster moving. The cents all suffer from the same flaws in this game, they are huge, no hiding that tank, makes it very hard to be a good sniper.. Side skirts seem to do more harm than good, due to normalization.

Ammo rack in the front, and most people know where to hit it. For me, the FV is very good and I like it more then Cent. Edited by UnFriendly83, 18 May - StClement 4 Posted 18 May - Well that's encouraging, UF.

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Deeven amongst others says nice things about the 7 as well, so it's something to look forward to. I've unlocked it, but I'm trying to raise my win rate in the Cent 1 before moving on just in case it's a l2p issue, not the model being as weak as it's stats indicate. No good idea why, either, which is worrying KillSlim 5 Posted 18 May - StClement 6 Posted 20 May - Just back from Lakeville. En route to town, saw our road block was having some snags with a T71, so I parked up next to the rocks, drew a bead, waited for the binos to light up- and got spanked by two invisible tanks barely on the windy lakeside road!

Turns out they're a Tiger and a Black Prince- not exactly the smallest of things.

I staggered off into the cemetery, got into position to skelp them when they got a wee bit closer and barely scratched the Tigers' paint! In the name of all the Gods of War, this model sucks! Never mind the bounced shot, or the one that missed, even although the replay clearly shows the aiming pipper bang on top with the tank almost filling the graticule This is what it makes me feel like: When's the next nerf patch?

Edited by StClement, 20 May - Anthoniusii 7 Posted 04 June - I sold it and bought Pershing The US tank has much worst gun but offers tones of real game pleasure. It fast and is a real battle "knight" not a bush hider! To bad that WG "destroyed" this wonderfull-in real-tank to give more power to chinese machines to have more chinese customers.

I wonder if 0. Several ammo costs will be re-ballanced.. I am afraid that Cent ammo will be even more expensive. Can someone give us any info of Cen MkI in the 0. Just make a comparisson with T What is the point to have Cent when you can have T69? Edited by Anthoniusii, 04 June - Arkhell 8 Posted 05 June - Kurnubego 9 Posted 05 June - Lets fix some points as I see it: Excellent for supporting fire.

Centurion 1 still the worst tier 8 tank...period.

Arty shoots anything which is staying in location for long. M26 pershing lurkin behind the hill is attractive just as much. It MM weight is Lower than M26 Pershings for example. Full of cognition biases. But anyway I suggest to put a disclaimer that it's your opinion alone formed from impressions, rather than some proper research on the vehicle preformance in game.

Now for me it's hard to say anything about the particular tank, more than general points. But in my eyes it seems to be an ok machine. You might be aware of them, but maybe it can be useful advice anyhow. The upper part of the hull is easily exposed if you're driving up a slope and remember that the top of the turret can be quite easily penetrated with a well aimed shot.

Camo-factor is useless on Cent.

The Centurion I - Some tanks just want to watch their team burn...

If you scout, then jiggle the tank. A russian med without gun depression then only can shoot the turret which can be tricky even with HEAT but you could pen the russian med with APRC quite frequently. Unless you're approached by an ace, it's usually working quite fine. Also, never go alone in Cent, always get company by another med but I rarely follow the heavies.

I scout and support from a distance. I'm not a frequent user of it unless if accomplish the two following; 1 well aimed shot without stress and 2 as close to 90 degrees angle as possible on a flat surface. That means I don't use them in brawls not even to Leos , never ever through tracks and never for a "maybe it pens shot".

It has let me down so brutally many times that I consequently follow these two rules. I'm sure you're getting there soon enough, the latest days WR points in the right direction with quite adequate avg dmg. Your hitrates are fine, but the kills per battle and kills per death are slightly low.

World of Tanks - Centurion Mk. 5/1 - 8K Damage 8 Kills - UNICUM PLAY! - 2504 Base xp

Go back to Centurion Mk I and learn that thing to death. Want a training tank at lower tier? Same type of gun in that it has low RoF. Gun depression is there, but the hull armour is pants. So try to survive multiple matches in a row getting two, three kills average per battle. A good tank to use on the higher tiers is the Indien Panzer in my opinion, next to Centurion I.

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Matchmaker (WoT) - Global wiki. stisgetehuchi.ml

Mayby the worts med by stats, probably the funniest! Many foes don't really seem to care about it until it's to late. I'm really starting to get a grip on it. When u learn to stay this is all about the gun it can do massive things. I'm sure you should just keep on trying and analyse every single game win or loss. Thanks for all great tips! I think I am finally cracking it, It'll take a while to show through, cos I've played a lot of games in it! I think my main mistake was trying to get HP as much as possible, but then dying early.

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  5. I have been playing more cautious, surviving the battle, even getting less HP than before, but at the end I'm sometimes finishing off a couple of tanks and turning it to a win, or then just spreading the enemy's fire by existing! Can't emphasize enough how effective it is surviving to the end. Strangely, my buddy 1am4fun teaching me the naughty naughty Hellcat gave me this realisation. It happens very often the Hellcat cleans up right at the end, even alone!

    In this way you can do 'carry the team' like you can do in a different way in a t54 or a Rudy for example.